About Us


Pošteni is one of the first restaurants opened in the town of Hvar.


Established by my grandfather Yure in the family house owned since 1908, Pošteni is located in a picturesque main square of the town of Hvar. The restaurant’s name at its opening in 1930 was Jadran, meaning Adriatic. It was a place where travelers stopped by to have a traditional and simple meal for a fair price and it wasn’t long after opening its doors that Jadran got a different name from the town folks and travelers


– The Honest One (Pošteni).


The gastronomy of Pošteni includes traditional fish and meat dishes prepared according to recipes of my grandfather Yure.

Since it was passed through generations, Pošteni gastronomy story has been evolving for many years, offering much more than just traditional specialties, thriving to blend the authentic Mediterranean cuisine with the culinary influences of the world.


Looking forward to seeing you soon

Djordje Kovačević
owner of the Pošteni restaurant Hvar




Family photos in front of the restaurant in 1930. and in 1946.